Ryan coat of arms

Ryan coat of arms




Annelore is our beautiful daughter, born on the Annelore baby24th October 2000 at 8.30am. She was born at home, and Patrick and Dad were very proud to welcome her to the Ryan household.

 As you can see Annelore has grown up a bit since then, and learnt about all the wonderful things in the world such as chocolate.Annelore enjoying chocolate

This year in the winter we went ski-ing in Alpe d'Huez in France, although Annelore was too small to start ski-ing yet she certainly enjoyed the snow.

Uncle Ken came along to help out, and when not sleeping off his hang over from the apre- ski, looked after Annelore, including full speed sledge rides!

Annelore is at school in Belgium now, and loves her drawing and painting. She is starting to understand and talk French and it won't be long before she is pretty fluent.